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Why Lifestyle Photography?


I strive to capture real, natural, intimate, candid moments. These moments reflect the true beauty of life and memories unfolding before us. There is nothing more organic and genuine!




How My Newborn Session Work:


My sessions are unique because I don't typically use my studio for these sessions. Posed portraiture (or studio) for newborns is spectacular and simply beautiful. Yet, I love capture the “in the moment” the most. So, I let those two worlds of photography collide! It is my desire to give you a little bit of both.  However, during a lifestyle newborn session shoot,  I focus primarily on the interaction between the new baby, the family and surroundings; and less centered on obtaining the perfect pose. Most newborns sleep the best in mom and dad’s arms anyways!


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Your very own home, a perfect place to create precious memories, a home filled with the love and excitement of a brand new baby. As a mom, I know that that you are more comfortable and relaxed in your own environment. Besides, who needs the hassle of packing up tons of stuff and traveling just after arriving home from the hospital! Not to mention, parents have spent so much time and effort perfecting their baby’s nursery and wouldn’t be a shame to leave out all of those adorable details?



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A few things first:

1)  Schedule your session by contacting me ASAP during your pregnancy! You will be placed on my schedule and marked as "tentative". Contact me from the hospital to let me know your precious babe has arrived; we can then schedule a day for me to come to your home. (Babies will allow those “sleepy poses” within the first 5-7 days of life).

2) I will bring a few props for one or two “posed images”. However, your own personal props are strongly encouraged. Your own hats, headbands, blankets or baskets will make things more personal and unique. (Make sure you order those items in advance!).

3)  Newborn sessions are 2-3 hours.. sometimes longer. I allow time for breaks, and feeding.

4)  Please keep your home warm and toasty! It will feel hot to us, but perfect for a sleepy babe. (Space heaters work like magic too!)

5)  I primarily use natural light; please allow one or two rooms to be open with some space for me and your family to work near. (A large window or sliding door is perfect)

Weather permitting- We can always go outside in the warm sun or shade  to a nearby location of your desire.



Common Questions:

1) Can we go to another outdoor location near our home if the weather is nice, in addition to indoor photos?  

ANSWER: YES! No more than 3-4 miles away.

2) Can we include our other children or our pets?

ANSWER: Absolutely, I encourage it. (Please keep in mind, pets (mainly dogs) can be time consuming and require patience to obtain those perfect images!)

3) Can you edit red blotches or scratch marks off of my baby?

ANSWER: YES! I will take care of that for you while keeping the image clarity intact!

4) Do you have travel fee's ?

ANSWER: Yes, the first 20 miles from my home is FREE. Every additional mile (round-trip) is $.70 per mile. 

5) How Much is my newborn session and what do I receive with that?

ANSWER: $275.00  A USB, with 30-35 beautiful images (printing rights are included!) AND your own personal online Gallery to share with friends and family! Professional prints and products may be purchased separately from your gallery.


Please contact me to schedule your newborn session.

-Ashley (330)-806-7988