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Hello! Welcome to my Photography site!

As a mother of two children, a wife to my husband, fitness instructor, dog owner, and a natural light- lifestyle photographer, I know that life goes by way too fast. Since giving birth to my son I realized how precious photos are to me, they are priceless. I feel that photography is an investment, it's so much more than a picture, these are your memories and heirlooms. Photography is a lasting form of art that will share the story of your life for years to come.

My approach or philosophy towards photography is this: I realized long ago that some of my favorite photos of my own family are the real and un-posed photos. I feel that less is more. I want to capture a genuine connection, your spirit and natural interaction with you and your loved ones in an outdoor location where you can be free and in your element. I do like some simple props, but I don’t like over-staging. I may give some direction during my sessions but what I give is vague. I want to capture the real, authentic you! I want to tell your story.

What to expect:

I find no need for photos to be stiff, posed or scripted–you can just be yourself and play around with your kiddos… tickle them, roll in the grass, find ways to get that deep belly laugh going etc. (But.. yes I will be happy to capture some posed shots too!) I try to keep my session style as simplistic, laid back and candid as possible. I try to let things flow pretty naturally. I will give some direction here or there, or try to get everyone situated in a particular spot near a fence etc., I understand that you are not professional models and some families, kids or seniors need posing guidance or need more general direction than others, No worries, I will guide you! My goal is to give little instructions simply because I want you to be who you are! I do this because that makes for beautiful photos that truly reflect you and your family–I’m just there to capture that as it happens.. it's all about being in the moment!. Don't stress if your child is not cooperating or showing me those pearly whites.. I am a sucker for those soft, shy grins or little smirks anyways, those photos can be gorgeous! The best part is, you don't always have to look at the camera, My job is to capture those genuine smiles as you engage with your family, not my camera.


  1. Schedule a date for your session
  2. At least 2 weeks before your desired session date (ideally): Discuss location, wardrobe, props, ideas, inspiration etc. with me!
  3. Day before your session- Confirmation: Phone or email consult to discuss any last minute details
  4. Day of your session: Please try and arrive a minute or two before your session start time so we can work out any last minute details and I can meet everyone! AND THEN... The session BEGINS! YAY! If this is a newborn session I will arrive 30 minutes early to scope out your house and set up my stuff! ALL session fees including travel fees must be paid at the end of our session. (cash or check- Made payable to: Ashley Escola Photography)
  5. Day after your session: Sneak peek on facebook!!
  6. 3 weeks after your session: Online gallery posted at (gallery direct link will be shared on facebook unless instructed otherwise, password-protection must be requested at the time of your session) You may begin purchasing or showing off your new images!
  7. 24 hours after your gallery is posted: Final touches, pretty packaging, and your DVD is in the mail to you

PLEASE NOTE: I will not charge a TRAVEL FEE up to 20 miles from my home (Massillon, Ohio). Because of increased gas prices, I begin to charge after those first 20 miles, I charge $.70 per mile (round-trip). this fee will be added and must be paid at the time of your photo session. Thank You!

Last but not Least~

I am thankful for my friends and family that saw my creative touch and passion in this type of work and encouraged me to do this! My gratitude is boundless for the love and encouragement you have given me. And thank you Lord, my sweet Savior, you have rescued me time and time again and you have blessed me with so much!

Please contact me for details and questions, feel free to send me a message from this site or e-mail me:! I look forward to working with you and capturing some great moments that you will treasure!

-Ashley Escola

Session Info:


Q: What if the weather is bad?

A: I do NOT shoot in the rain or blizzards. If the forecast is calling for inclement weather, I will give you various available dates to reschedule, I will do my very best to be flexible and accommodating to your schedule.

Q: How do I pick a location?
A: Most clients that I work with have an idea what type of background that they like, If you have trouble choosing, I have a short questionnaire that will help us refine that decision. I will ask you to pick a few photos of mine that you like or find inspiring from my portfolio (on this site), this will give me a good idea what you are looking for!

Q: What should I wear?
A: This is one of the most common questions I get when a session is scheduled. No worries, I am here to help! After all… I did major in fashion and I have a few tricks and tips that help you make you look your best in your photos!

~ Here is a good link for ideas and suggestions too! Check it out!!

Your Body Type:

You always want to take into consideration what YOUR body type is! Dress to flatter. Example: if you are heavier in the middle, you want to avoid stripes, or keep it minimal and subtle. They layer look will help too, cardigan, jacket etc. Dark solids that are fitted not tight and not baggy will appeal best to the shape of your body. If you are shorter, wear jeans or pants that are tailored to a length that just hits the ground, avoid bell bottoms that are too long (and you walk on the hem), or wide leg pants, this will make you appear shorter and heavier. A slim boot cut will suit you best!

Coordinate Colors!

I have to admit, I am a huge sucker for color. Bright, bold color looks fantastic on children AND adults! When I say coordinate, I don’t mean “matchy”. Example: if SHE is wearing a bold blue solid dress, then HE can wear a white shirt with a bold blue tie, OR a tie that has a bold blue stripe. When everyone is wearing the same color top it tends to NOT flatter the variation in body types, and has a total lack of style! Adding variation, or different accent elements such as a scarf, glasses, hats or jewelry this will embellish the individual while giving the ability to coordinate colors! A great example from my photos is: “The McIntosh Family” OR “the Krupp Family” they have a nice solid, even flow to the colors and patterns that allow them to each stand out, while implementing style, and coordination! Good job guys!!

Coordinate Style:

If your girl is wearing a dress, you might wanna “jazz it up” and wear a shirt and tie or a nice jacket. Sneakers and shorts probably will clash with her style. If she is wearing high heels, you may want to wear dress shoes. This seems like a no-brainer, but these are things that we have to think about!

Ashley’s DO List:

Do: Layer: jackets, sweaters, etc. The weather can vary, and this also can add variation to your pictures without a dressing room!!

Do: Wear makeup GIRLS! Go brighter on the cheeks and lips, bring along some gloss and touch of color and your powder, your lips tend to get dry from smiling and can show off cracked lips, have it handy for touch-ups. And always use powder to avoid shine or glare off of your skin! Fake eyelashes are FANTASTIC too! PS: Don’t worry about that zit or blemish, I will take care of that in my editing!

Do: Bring hats, glasses, scarfs, and jewls! Great for kids too- it’s a fast and easy way to change-up the look to offer variation for your session!

Ashley’s DON’T List:

Don’t: Matchy-Matchy. Avoid the white shirt and khakis, avoid the logos and writing on tops, and avoid the short skirts!

Don’t: Wear high heels that will hurt your feet! (OR bring extra shoes to walk in) My sessions usually include lots of walking, playing, and moving around, especially in downtown locations!

Don’t: Wear big patterns, and Don’t wear tops that are too low-cut …..

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!