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I still remember shopping at Buehlers Milltown Grocery Store in my home town of Wooster Ohio, and seeing that amazingly beautiful, nude, pregnant image on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. Demi Moore . I was only 7 or 8 at the time that magazine issue came out. I remember standing near the checkout with my mom and being completely mesmerized by that photo. Her short hair, her pose, and that amazingly perfect, round belly. It was fascinating. I clearly remember thinking to myself that I had never seen anything like that on a magazine cover. The funny thing is… even after having two children of my own, I still find myself staring at pregnant women. The whole idea that “this is how we all begin our life” is so extraordinarily intriguing! This is why I love photographing maternity sessions so much…

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Maternity photography is sometimes dismissed or overlooked by its underlying beauty.  The importance  or significance of this time in your life is next to none. This is an incredible time for a woman, a couple, or a family. It is a very transitional time in your life, it truly is one of the biggest milestones.. and once it’s gone… it’s gone.

My goal is to try and get you to relax, feel in your element as much as possible and embrace these intimate moments that I am about to photograph  for you. I know we all feel “big” and insecure about the way we look or feel, but it’s perfectly normal. I have also felt that way! When I approach a maternity session, I try to create an environment for you to connect with your inner self, your body, your partner, your children and... your baby.  My intention is for you to understand that I am not just photographing your expanding belly, I am photographing a transformation in your life… it’s so much more than a bump.

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My sessions may include multiple settings, in a studio, outdoor, in your home or all of the above. Regardless how you feel, I want to capture how stunning you truly are. I want you to look back and tell your child someday, “Look,  that was you, growing inside my belly” and I want you to proudly show them those images, those images are a gift to them. Having a child is a gift to you, and not everyone can physically experience that, embrace the blessings that are before you. Don’t worry about the stretch marks, swollen ankles, or your“fuller face”.. you are beautiful, and you are glowing...literally glowing.


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My custom maternity Sessions range from $125- $250. I spend 1-2 hours with you on average, more hours may be added for an additional fee, travel fees may also apply.  


When Should I Schedule My Session?:

I work a bit differently than most photographers.  MOST photographers suggest waiting to do your session around 35-36 weeks.  I personally feel that should be left to your own personal discretion. based upon experience I will always recommend between 28-32 weeks. The reason is this: The further into your pregnancy you are, the more uncomfortable you may feel, I have found that most pregnant women feel the prettiest, happiest and active between 6-7 months. (But this is your personal call) Remember this too: those images will soon be replaced by many, many baby images, why not enjoy your maternity images for a while?



Please contact me for further information or scheduling. It is truly an honor to capture this part of your life, tell your story.. and your child’s story! Thanks for considering me. -Ashley